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Herman J. Woltring
04-03-1991, 01:51 AM
Preliminary Program & FINAL CALL FOR PAPERS


Sunday, 29 September -- Friday, 4 October 1991

World Trade Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

General areas covered: Arts/Medicine Research, Biomechanics/Ergonomics,
Creative Arts Therapies, Dance Medicine, Music Medicine, Performance
Stress, Visual Arts Medicine, and Vocal Arts Medicine. Both courses/
workshops and plenary sessions are provided.

The leading "Message from the Steering Committee":

Bringing together many disciplines -- all devoted to the arts -- makes
this event unique. Arts a n d Medicine, Medicine f o r Artists,
and Arts a s Medicine will be covered in the program. Experts from
all over the world will demonstrate how they work with their patients,
and scientific findings and research ideas will be exchanged in courses
and workshops, and in free papers. Special events and tours will com-
memorate Van Gogh's centennial and Mozart's bicentennial.

ORGANISERS Chris J. Snijders, PhD (Program)
(chairpersons): Fadi J. Bejjani, MD, PhD (Scientific Committee)
Lawrence Ferrara, PhD (Artistic Committee)
Cheryl D. Maranto, PhD, RMT-BC (Registration Committee)
Itzhak Siev-Ner, MD (Public Relations Committee)

PROGRAMME DETAILS Hoboken Congress Organization
& REGISTRATION: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Postbus 1738
The Netherlands
Tel. +31.(0)10.408-7879/7881/7882
Fax +31.(0)10.436-7271

TRAVEL & (Europe)
ACCOMODATIONS: Intercontinental Travel Ltd.
Postbus 651, NL - 2270 AR VOORBURG, The Netherlands
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(Other continents)
Reliable Travel International
135 Spruce Street Drive
Tel. +1(800)645-6504, ext. 236 (North America only)

* Due to world events, the deadline for submission of abstracts for
* oral or poster presentation has been extended to APRIL 15, 1991.
* All submissions should be limited to 300 words, typed in a double-
* space format. Three keywords should be provided with each abstract.
* The author(s) should indicate whether it is for oral or poster
* presentation. The original copy should contain the title and names,
* addresses, and affiliations of the senior author-presenter and all
* co-authors. Three additional copies, not including names or
* affiliations, should be provided. The time allocated for oral
* presentation is 10 minutes, followed by a 5-minute discussion.
* Overhead projection, slides, and/or video can be used. The original
* abstract and three copies should be mailed, postmarked NOT LATER
* THAN APRIL 15, 1991, to the following:
* F.J. Bejjani, MD, PhD, Chairperson, Scientific Committee
* or
* Lawrence Ferrar, PhD, Chairperson, Artistic Committee
* New York University, Human Performance Analysis Laboratory
* 35 West 4th Street, Room 876, NEW YORK, NY 10003, USA
* Tel. +1(212)998-5450, Fax +1(212)995-4043

The preliminary programme lists more than 150 faculty from all over the
world, covering the following Courses and Workshops:


An Eclectic Method for Arts Analysis and Arts Education Research
Introduction to Phenomenology


Biomechanics of the Upper Extremity
Biomechanics of the Hand in Musicians
Quantitative Analysis of the Motion and Balance Function of Artists
Dynamic Loading on the Human Musculoskeletal System
Muscle Performance: Strength, Endurance, and Coordination in Healthy
Adults and Performing Dancers


The Healing and Curative Use of Tone and Breath
Music Therapy Techniques in Medical Treatment
Moving towards Health: Stages of Therapeutic Unfolding in Dance Movement
Mozart's Contribution to Music Therapy and Discussion of His Unknown
Affliction: Tourette's Syndrome
The Mind/Body Connection: Discussion of Psychoneuroimmunology and
Psychiatric Applications of Music
The Dance that Heals the Self: The Creative Process of Healing Through
Dance Movement Therapy
Creative Arts Therapies: The Integrated Approach
Use of Expressive and Visual Arts in Therapy
Music and the Limbic System: Implications for Use of Music Therapy in
Work with Patients with Dementia
Music Therapy Modalities for Clients with Cluster B Personality
Disorders in a Forensic Rehabilitation Setting
Music Technology Applications for Rehabilitation and Therapy
The Use of Music and Paraverbal Techniques in Degenerative Diseases
with Focus on Huntington's Disease
Multicultural Music Therapy: A World Music Perspective
Energetic Release Techniques with Improvised Music
Illustrating the Internal World of the Borderline Patient-Art Psychotherapy:
A Treatment Approach


Correlations between Technical Faults and Dance Injuries: How to Correct
and Prevent Them
Dance Injury: Evaluation and Treatment
Occupational Disorders of Dancers
Body Composition and Proper Diet for Ballet Dancers
Strategies and Approach to Treatment of Dancers with Psychiatric Disorders
Dancers' Selection, Ailments, and Treatment: The Beijing Experience
Physical and Psychological Aspects of Dance Medicine
Frequently Misdiagnosed Ankle Injuries in Dancers
Achilles Tendinitis and Patellar Tendinitis: Overuse Problems?
Evaluation and Treatment of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis in Dancers, with
Emphasis on Manipulation
Collaboration of Artistic and Medical Professionals in the Training of a
Review of Physical Therapy Techniques Useful to Dancers: Pilates, Felden-
kreis, and Proprioception Training
Evaluation and Treatment of Soft Tissue Lesions of the Ankle and Forefoot
Using the Cyriax Approach
Overuse Syndrome in Dancers: The French Experience


Physical and Manipulative Therapy for Musicians' Musculoskeletal Problems,
with Emphasis on the Cervical Spine
Pulmonary and Cardiovasculary Aspects of Music Making
Arm and Hand Dysfunctions in Musicians
Occupational Hazards of Musicians, with Emphasis on Acoustical Problems
and Psychosocial/Mental Workloads
Organization of Health Care for Artists: An American Way; Rule Brittania;
Going Dutch
Neurologic Disorders of Musicians, with Emphasis on Dystonia and Thoracic
Outlet Syndrome
Physical and Emotional Hazards of Instrumental Performance
The Impaired Upper Limb in Musicians: Diagnosis and Treatment Considera-
Adaptive Equipment, Assistive Devices, and Therapeutic Exercises for
The Role of Occupational Therapy in the Treatment of Upper Extremity
Musculoskeletal Disorders in Musicians
Acupuncture, Yoga, and Related Techniques for Artists
Posture and Movement in Making Music


Performance Anxiety: A Comprehensive Review of Literature and Techniques
for Reducing it
Coping with Performance Anxiety: Techniques and Strategies for the
Performer and Teacher
The Performance Wellness Seminar: An Integrative Music Therapy Approach
to Treating and Preventing Musical Performance Stress
Stress in the Lives of Musicians -- On Stage and Off
Psychotherapeutic Use of Metaphor to Release Creative Block: Three
Levels of Treatment
Performance Stress: Biological Basis and Prevention


Vincent's Violent Vertigo: An Analysis of Vincent van Gogh's Meniere's
Disease -- Not Epilepsy!
Health Hazards and Health Aspects of Arts and Crafts
Art in the Daily Practice of Medicine: Yesterday and Today


Biomechanics of the Larynx and its Surrounding Organs
Acoustics Analysis of the Artistic Voice
Western Medicine in Phoniatrics
Voice Problems and Deafness in the Performing Arts: the British


Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL