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Prosthetics Research Study
09-15-1995, 08:31 AM
Prosthetic Research Analysis announces:

VIP - Visual

Computer based training for gait analysis and dynamic alignment of the
trans-femoral (AK) prosthesis.

PRS has created an interactive multimedia training program for
rehabilitation professionals which teaches visual analysis of AK amputee
gait and its correlation to prosthetic alignment. The program uses digitized
film clips of the most common gait deviations (e.g. vaulting,
circumduction). With the intuitive interface the user can try various
alignments and see which gait is produced. Conversely, the user can
choose a
gait deviation and see what the possible problems are with the prosthetic
alignment. There is also a challenge mode in which the user is asked to
identify a randomly selected mode of gait, diagnose the possible problems
causing this gait and make the proper corrections to the alignment of the
simulated prosthesis.

This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh
computers. Professional Continuing Education Credits from ABC have been
requested for users of this program. If you are interested in more
information or in obtaining a copy of VIP then email your request to
prs@u.washington.edu and put CD-ROM in the subject.

Minimum System Requirements

Apple Macintosh :-

* 25 MHz 68030 (Mac II Si or faster)
* 5MB RAM free
* 2MB Hard Disk free
* 640x480 resolution monitor, 256 color
* System 7.x, Double Speed CD-ROM {300 KB}

Multimedia PC -

* Fast 486DX2 or 486DX4
* 5 MB Hard Disk free
* 640x480 resolution monitor, 256 colors
* DOS 5.0 or later, Windows 3.1 or Windows95
* Sound Card
* Double Speed CD-ROM {300 KB}.

Kim ColemaNesset
Research Engineer
Prosthetics Research Study
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