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Olivier Martin
09-17-1995, 11:01 PM
Dear readers

We are a group of researchers who work on aspects of human motor control in
normal and/or pathological subjects. We have the possibility of using the
system SELSPOT I dating from 1977 with 2 CAMERAS and 8 LEDS. However, we at
present do not have adequate Software for acquisition, calibration (DLT
methods or others...) and data processing. We have therefore essentially 3
questions :

1/ Does somebody possess the ORIGINAL SELSPOT 1 SOFTWARE, and is willing to
provide us with copies (send to the address below, and they will be returned
to you), or knows somebody or organisation who has? We would also like
information concerning the I/O ACQUISITION BOARD that is used with such

2/ In the event that nobody can provide us with such information, we would
like to contact somebody who has developed their OWN SOFTWARE for the above
purposes and would be willing to provide us with information (we would even
be willing to buy such material).

3/ Is the UPDATED SOFTWARE that is used with SELSPOT 2 capable of being
adapted for use with SELSPOT 1, for example by modification of the format of
acquisition files?

We thank you in advance for any of this information.

Salut de Dijon !

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