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Cameron D. Grant
09-19-1995, 11:50 AM
>Has anybody _published_ a precision and accuracy analysis for POSITION of
>the 3D PEAK system? I am aware of a 2D paper, and a 3D ANGULAR paper, but
>none pertaining to 3D POSITION.

>As always, I will summarise and post results.

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I am sorry for the delay in posting these 2 articles. It appears that the
two I already had are all there are (at least my searching isn't too bad!).

I hope these help some people :

Scheirman GL, Cheetham PJ. Motion measurement using the PEAK Performance
Technologies system. In Proceedings of the International Society for
Optical Engineering: Mini-Symposium on Image-Based Motion Measurement 1990;
1356: 63-70

Scholtz JP, Millford JP. Accuracy and precision of the PEAK Performance
Technologies Motion Measurement System. J Motor Behav 1993; 25: 2-7

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