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Innovision Systems, Inc.
09-21-1995, 03:07 AM
It looks like my message could not reach you through the net.
Sending it to you via biomchl.

>Hello From Innovision Systems, Inc.
>We sale the Selspot and MacReflex Motion Analysis Systems and can
>tell you who sales the paint and some very highly reflective
>The paint is sold by 3M - The name of the paint is 3M Scotchlite
>7210 Silver - The phone number (here in US) is (612) 733-1110.
>They should be able to tell you your nearest dealer.
>There is some highly reflective material that is sold which uses a
>prism method instead of the bead method (paint) that is approx. 10
>time more reflective. I believe they still send out free samples.
>The company is call Reflexite; in NY (716) 647-1140, in CT (203)
>223-9297, Germany (0451)497621, in England 081-568-4443.
>We have some great half sphere markers that use a proprietary
>process to give the user the most UNIFORM markers on the market
>today. The uniformity of the marker enables the best possible
>location of the marker and its associated centroid, resulting in
>high accuracy position sensing.
>Let me know if I can be of further service. I would love to help
>you in any way!

>>Dear Netters,
>>We use the PRIMAS passive marker based motion analyser to track
>>the movement of rats. The markers are stuck on the skin of the
>>animals and they usually get rid of some markers after a while.
>>We are considering to use retroreflective paint. Could someone
>>give information where can such spray or paint be bought?
>>Thanks in advance,
>> Akos
>>Dr.Akos JOBBAGY PhD, associate professor
>>Dept. Measurement and Instrument Eng., TU Budapest