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Gary M. Heathcote
09-23-1995, 11:50 PM
Hafa Ada'i from Guam!

As I am new to the list, a brief intro. is in order:

I am a physical anthropologist (Ph.D., U of Toronto; M.A., Univ. of
Manitoba; B.Sc., Ball State Univ.), specializing in human osteology and
biomedical anthropology. My human osteology interests include
paleopathology and the interpretation of chronic motor activity patterns
from 'overuse' remodeling changes at muscle, tendon and ligament attachment
sites, patterns of osteoarthritic changes, articular joint
extension/remodeling, etc.

I am currently working on a collection of ancient human remains from Rota
(Mariana Islands), in which one individual has a right glenoid surface
(scapula) with a most unusual joint extension facet.

One possiblity* is that the extension facet (infero-medial, not
infero-dorsal, where 'beveling' has been documented as a 'marker' of
handedness) was
caused by slingstone throwing. One local archaeologist has become quite
proficient at same, using replicas of the sling stones used by the
indigenous people here (and in Rota) ........ and he uses a 'submarine'
style of delivery.

For those of you with experience in working with baseball pitchers
and other 'missile' throwers, I am wondering if you know of injuries to
the shoulder
that are more likely to occur in a sidearm/submarine thrower than in a
3/4 or overhand thrower?
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* An alternative interpretation, suggested by a colleague, is that
a subluxation - w/ the arm abducted - could have produced the joint
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Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Gary Heathcote
Anthropology Lab
University of Guam