View Full Version : Engineering Position: BME/ME for Electrical Stimulation Project

Scott Heavner
09-25-1995, 12:38 AM
WANTED: Biomedical Engineer

TYPE OF WORK: Evaluation of implantable hardware and
development of surgical instrumentation and techniques.

TIME COMMITMENT: 20 hours per week.

LOCATION: Veterans Administration Medical Center,
Cleveland, Ohio (Wade Park Unit, in the University Circle

QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum of a B.S. degree in Biomedical
or Mechanical engineering. Experience in mechanical
design, evaluation of implantable hardware or
Functional Electrical Stimulation Systems a plus.

If interested please contact Dr. Avram Scheiner:
Phone: 216-791-3800 x4599
e-mail: ars@po.cwru.edu
or fax a resume to:
216-231-8886 care of Dr. Scheiner