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Ton Van Den Bogert
09-26-1995, 11:51 AM
Dear subscribers,

A few administrative matters:

1. Spams (off-topic junk mail) and chain letters
We still get those occasionally, but much less with the new
LISTSERV software which rejects most of them. I still see them,
though, they are sometimes funny.

Please do not use Biomch-L (or any other mailing list) for chain
letters. The nuclear protest may have been a good cause, but the
Japanese originator of the message was flooded with complaints
and reactions, and begged the world to stop distributing his
message (see Biomch-L, July 17, 1995).

2. Change of address and private mail
Please do not use Biomch-L to post your change of address or
other 'private' mail, since this is not likely to be relevant for
a majority of subscribers. Please take the trouble to send mail
directly to those you want to notify. For 'private' mail, I
appreciate that Biomch-L can be a last resort if you don't know
someone's address, but there are good alternatives. Every
university now has WWW or gopher servers, which provide E-mail
directories. And there's also the Netfind service

3. 'subsribe'
This is the eternal problem on mailing lists, and not likely to
go away. Try to ignore these; one of the moderators will always
send the person some instructions for subscribing. In case you
are wondering why we always see 'subscribe' misspelled; it's not
because new subscribers can't spell. It's just that all the
correctly spelled requests are recognized by LISTSERV, result in
a polite error message, and not passed on to the whole world.

So, once again, if you tell someone to subscribe to Biomch-L,
please mention that subscription requests should go to
LISTSERV@nic.surfnet.nl. Syntax: SUBSCRIBE BIOMCH-L firstname lastname.
Do not send such requests to Biomch-L. Ever.

4. Discussions & replies
Keep up the good work! We had a fascinating discussion on
tethered swimming, which is not quite over yet (I think). I
would welcome similar discussions on other topics. When
participating in such discussions, you will learn that it's easy
to become excited. This is good, but don't post before thinking
(you look foolish afterwards) and don't use unfriendly language.
To make your contribution more readable, it's good practice to
quote essential parts of earlier postings (with mentioning the
originator), but don't quote an entire posting as we've seen

For the more factual questions & answers, a private reply and
public summary is still the best format.

5. Advertising
Nobody enjoys receiving junk mail, and companies who advertise on
Biomch-L are probably doing more harm than good for their
business. Innovision recently had a posting which was on one
hand informative, and on the other hand irritatingly commercial.
It was bordering on unacceptable use of Biomch-L. Information
from vendors is welcome, but please be subtle. It's hard to
define what is unacceptable, but easy to recognize. Some clues:
excessive use of capitals, spaces and exclamation marks (N E W
!!!!), very long messages, very frequent messages, etc. All of
this is not appreciated.

If you want to announce your company's presence on the Internet,
please contact me and I will include you in the Biomch-L Yellow
Pages, and post the announcement. Unlike E-mail, the Web is
perfect for advertising, because people only get information when
they ask for it. Your Web page can be listed in the Yellow
Pages, and also in the Biomechanics World Wide site:
http://dragon.acadiau.ca/~pbaudin/biomch.html .

6. Educational use of Biomch-L
Today, more than 70 students from Kansas State University
subscribed to Biomch-L. Welcome, all of you. This is the first
time that Biomch-L has been used in teaching, and I'm not sure
how that will affect us. I don't want to be accused of elitism,
but clearly we don't want to be flooded by requests from students
doing assignments. How many thousands of biomechanics students
are there, worldwide? For the time being, I suggest we see what
happens. If you have any suggestions, please forward them to me
directly, and I will follow up on this in a future Biomch-L

Thank you for your attention, please contact me if you have
questions or comments.

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator