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Francesco De Luca
09-26-1995, 05:05 PM
Dear all

I attempt to post the same questions in a couple of newsgroup
related to biomech, but I had no reply at all.
May be that the subject is unknown or I write my question

So, here we are: I'd like to have informations about the BMP protein
(it sounds like Bio Morphogenetic Protein or something else).
For what I know, it should be used for hip prosthesis instead of
HA coating, and it seems to give good results.
I know that my english sounds ugly, but I hope it will be clear
enough to have a feedback from someone.

Thanks in advance.

* /\_/\ fRaNcEsCo De LuCa *
* |_O O_| *
* \!/ deluca@inrete.it *