View Full Version : CAD/CAM prosthetics graduate assistantship

Bill Vannah
09-28-1995, 04:55 AM
CAD/CAM Prosthetics Graduate Research Assistantship

The Shriners Hospital/ Springfield Unit is investigating the incorporation of
tissue stiffness measurements into prosthetic socket CAD/CAM systems. This
work involves development of ultrasonic transducers and mechanisms to record
limb stiffness, finite element soft tissue mechanics, and software
development. A position is available for an engineering graduate student;
beginning between 1/96 and 9/96. The ideal candidate has a mechanical
engineering undergraduate degree, has completed prosthetics school, and is
admissable to engineering graduate school. Persons without prosthetics
school, but with otherwise similar training, are also encouraged to contact:

William M. Vannah, PhD
Shriners Hospital
516 Carew Street
Springfield, MA, USA 01104