View Full Version : ISB Convention

09-28-1995, 07:06 PM
Dear all,

It is obvious that this will be a hot topic. It is also
obvious that there are clearly more than one way of axes definition
which in turn means that there are no standards in place.

So the first question to answer is

Should there be a standard ?

if the answer is yes, which I suppose all engineers and those who
wish to draw on other's experiences and share their own, in short all
those who wish to interact with others, will say yes too.

The second question would be

Which system should be adopted as standard ?

If the answer is "mine" then this debate or rather
the argument will go on.

In order to have a standard, some individuals will need to
adjust their current practices.

For students starting out now, the future looks good because whichever
way it turns out, the result means consistency.

To tell the truth, I have always thought that it is more logical or
natural to consider the sagittal plane (plane of progression) as the
XY plane, with the Y axis along the subject's height.


Hamid Rassoulian