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unknown user
09-28-1995, 07:39 PM
To the Biomch-L readership:

We fully agree with Prof. Herbert Hatze's criticism of the "ISB
Recommendations for Standardization in the Reporting of Kinematic Data". We
personally have no intention of ever using the proposed conventions on the
global axes.

In our opinion the biomechanists should use the conventions used in
physics and not vice versa. The global z-axis is commonly used as vertical
axis in 3d-diagramms.

In 2d we use a 3d coordinate system with y set to zero - if the movement can
be simplified to a movement in the sagital plane - so that our movement takes
place in the xz-plane. But if the movement takes place in the horizontal plane
we set z to zero (movement in the xy-plane).

We propose: 2d-people should adopt 3d-conventions (as our world is 3d or
even more) and not create new conventions starting from 2d.

Dr. Jachen Denoth, Roland Mueller, Dr. Hans Gerber, Dr. Ines Kramers
Biomechanics Lab ETH Zurich