View Full Version : Re: Do tendons conserve volume?

Tom Burkholder
09-29-1995, 05:29 AM
Gerald L. Gottlieb writes:
> >I know from my studies that muscles generally conserve volume when they
> >contract. However, does tendon tissue conserve volume too?
> If it's made of water it conserves its volume. Since this applies to most
> human tissues, volume is conserved. There is an extracellular matrix but
> it is not a large volume and is pretty incompressible itself.

I'd be more tempted to treat tendon similar to ligament (both being mostly
ECM). Since water can move (relatively) easily in and out of this matrix,
I don't think you can get away with a constant volume assumption for a
strict model. See for example:

Suh JK; Li Z; Woo SL.
Dynamic behavior of a biphasic cartilage model under cyclic compressive
Journal of Biomechanics, 1995 Apr, 28(4):357-64.

ps Sorry to those of you who aren't interested in, but I wanted to make sure
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