View Full Version : Re: Do tendons conserve volume?

09-29-1995, 07:15 AM
>Gerald L. Gottlieb writes:
>> If it's made of water it conserves its volume. Since this applies to most
>> human tissues, volume is conserved. There is an extracellular matrix but
>> it is not a large volume and is pretty incompressible itself.

>Tom Burkholder replies:
>I'd be more tempted to treat tendon similar to ligament (both being mostly
>ECM). Since water can move (relatively) easily in and out of this matrix,
>I don't think you can get away with a constant volume assumption for a
>strict model. See for example:
>Suh JK; Li Z; Woo SL.
> Dynamic behavior of a biphasic cartilage model under cyclic compressive
> loading.
> Journal of Biomechanics, 1995 Apr, 28(4):357-64.

That is a good point but then the issue is whether one is working in vivo,
in which case I doubt that the water goes anywhere, or in vitro.

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