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09-30-1995, 02:59 AM
Dear Fellow BIOMCH-Lers,

I recently moved to a new system that receives EMail via a Lotus cc:Mail
gateway. The gateway system strips ALL header information from the message. I
also have to go through some gymnastics to address an outgoing message. In
short, I have _NO CLUE_ who is sending messages other than a fragment of your
user name, and that it came from BIOMCH-L. There have been some queries posted
that I would like to respond to, but I don't want to post my message to all
subscribers to reach one person. Nor do I want to query the LISTSERV database
everytime I want to reply to someone.

PLEASE make it a point to sign your messages with your name and EMAIL address.
The VAX system I'm on does it automatically, once set up. With cc:Mail system,
I can include/paste a text fragment at the end of all messages:

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!

================================================== ==========================
John F. Cummings

Noyes-Giannestras Biomechanics Laboratories John.Cummings@UC.EDU
University of Cincinnati, ML0048 V: (513) 556-4171
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0048 F: (513) 556-4162

Ethicon Endo-Surgery JCumming@EESUS.JNJ.COM
4545 Creek Rd. V: (513) 483-3370
Cincinnati, OH 45242 F: (513) 483-8285
================================================== ==========================