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Chris Kirtley
10-03-1995, 08:41 PM
Dear all,

Raymond Lee in Hong Kong and I just started conversing real-time over an
IRC (Internet Relay Chat. It's very easy to startup - just grab the
software (Homer for the Mac or Mirc for the PC) from one of our Web pages


and connect to server irc.curtin.edu.au with port set to 6667 (the
default). I have called the channel "Bio-engineering", and look forward to
meeting some of you there. Maybe the present controversy on co-ordinate
axes would be an ideal opening topic for discussion!

Oh, it occurs to me that I should just remind you to check time zones. I am
just abut to go home (it being 18.40 here in Oz - who says we're not hard
workers down here?) and so the IRC won't be operational until tomorrow
morning our time (i.e. 14 hours from now). See you then!



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