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Herman J. Woltring
04-12-1991, 07:08 PM
Dear Irene, dear Biomch-L readers,

Thanks for your first posting onto the list; I look forward to many more to

When Irene and I discussed her activities, I suggested to start by posting a
mixed set of items, and to sollicit the readership's comments on this. This
is exactly what she has done, and I hope that all readers will spend a little
time in filling out the mini-questionnaire below. Please state for each item:

(I) level of perceived Interest (I);
(S) level of belonging to the Scope (S) of Biomch-L as embodied in the
list's name and as grown de facto
since its inception about 2.5 years ago.

Mark your preference on a 1 ... 5 scale (1 is worst, 5 is best), by placing
codes Im and Sm (e.g., I3, S5) behind the titles below; please mail your
response to Irene or to me in private (unless to want to go public on the
list). We'll process the data and will post a summary conclusion. Please
reply also the last question, on whether such a questionnaire would be useful
in future selections from MEDNEWS onto this list?

I should add that I did not discuss this `formalised' approach with Irene
beforehand; it is motivated by experiences earlier this week on an other list
at which a certain modification on posting conventions was proposed; the
resulting debate was rather uncoordinated, I might say. Rather than first
discussing this approach with her (by which time her first posting might
have been discarded by many readers), I decided to post this questionnaire
approach straight away.

When I checked the Biomch-L membership database yesterday, I we were at
298 subscribers ... I hope for a substantial number of replies.

Thanks and regards -- Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL

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Preference ranking per MEDNEWS ITEM, Biomch-L posting of April 12, 1991

Vitamin C is Cataract Reducer
Vitamin C has other Benefits
Veneral Disease Rates Rising
VD Rates Drop for Some Males
Believed Miscarriage Link Found
Laser Surgery to help the Aging
Sedated Kids at Risk
`Yo-Yo' Diets Slow Body's Rate
Study Disputes Metabolic Theory
Again, Aspirin Cuts Stroke Risk
Tech to Decode DNA
Carrot Power Downgraded
Alcohol, Aspirin Bad for Fetus
CF Cure is a Possibility
Surgical Micromachines Possible
Number of LSD Victims Rising

Same type of questionnare in future MEDNEWS postings (I score only)