View Full Version : Balance study for Paraplegic subjects

Peter Sinclair
10-05-1995, 05:40 PM
Dear All,

We are conducting a study investigating the stability of paraplegic subjects
standing using a leg brace. We are using a force platform to examine changes
in the centre of pressure.

Our question relates to matching control subjects to the paraplegic group.
We wanted to match for age because there may be neurological changes,
gender, height and weight. The problem we have is that the paraplegic
subjects are lighter than average due to muscle wasting in the legs.

Do you think we should be trying to find very light able bodied subjects as
controls? The potential problem is that they would have a very different
distribution of weight. Would you see a potential problem comparing a
paraplegic sample with a heavier able bodied sample? Are there any further
points we should consider?

We look forward to hearing your opinions on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Sinclair

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