View Full Version : Bone Fracture of Weightlifter

Heikki Kauhanen
10-09-1995, 04:56 PM
Dear Colleagues

A competitive weightlifter, preparing himself for World Championships,
suffered from a sudden fracture of tibia during normal weight
exercise. He was doing a set of olympic cleans with the weights
lighter than 90 % of the maximum. During the third (final) rep, when
raising from the squat (without any noticeable mistake in the
lifting technique, position or movement) his tibia was broken just
below the knee level. The doctors diagnosed a multi-fractured bone
with a detached bone piece and were quite surprised, because X-ray
indicated that the bone was very dense (perhaps too ?) and thus,
should have been much stronger than needed even during maximal effort.

The above case is rather confusing, because the athlete in question
had never suffered anything like that and because recent studies have
suggested that weight training may have even positive (at least rather
than negative) effects on the bone structure and composition.

Any similar experiences or explanations ?

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