John M. Stevens
10-10-1995, 04:19 PM
> Date: Mon, 2 Oct 1995 15:28:19 +0100

> Could someone provide the names and adresses of people working on scoliosis
> school-screening using moire or other more developped systems avoiding x-rays.
> In the 80's there have been different teams as
> - Hieholzer, Drerup, Frobin from Muenster -Germany
> - Windischbauer, Vienna, Austria
> - Turner-Smith from Oxford Orthopaedic Engineering Center, UK
> This last center developped a system called OSIS-Scanner.
> Is there any progress with these systems beeing made?
> Thanking beforehand
> * Klein Paul Ph.D. *
> * Free University of Brussels *
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Greetings Paul,
I'm not sure that this response is 100% in line with what you are
looking for, I am also not fully up to date on the researchers you
mentioned. But I have studied scoliosis in the course of my health
care professional training traversing 2 licensed professions and 3
post-grad specialties. Until recently I always felt that a brace was
a brace was a brace, and all were minimally effective at best. Well,
when a colleague's daughter popped in w/ a 20degree scoliosis that he
hadn't noticed her developing, he asked me all about scoliosis and
I'm afraid I wasn't of much help. He discovered Dr. Arthur Copes, a
PhD Orthotist from Baton Rouge who has developed an entire protocol
for treating scoliosis. Within the year, my colleague's daughter's
scoliosis is down under 2 degrees and she is using the brace less and
less. I had the chance to take a brief seminar explaining his work
and I can finally say that I know something about scoliosis and how
to treat it with a high probability of good results. The protocol
includes a unique approach to bracing, electrotherapy, chiropractic
manipulation, diet & nutrition - a pretty eclectic approach. He
keeps up to date on research.

Sorry about the long-winded buildup, but needless to say, Arthur is
heavily involved in Scoliosis Screening in the Louisiana schools. I
can't think of anyone more knowledgeable about scoliosis than Arthur
Copes! I called him today and was pleased to find he has a Webpage.
He said he should show up in a Websearch "Search: Scoliosis"

And if I understood him correctly, he can be reached at:


and his Email address is: acopes.com

for those reading this who would like to try alternative methods of
communications, he can be reached in the US at
Phone: 1-800-726-8869
FAX (504) 292-4379

Snailmail at:
Copes Foundation
2531 Toulon Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
United States

I can't think of a person who is easier to contact :) (Sorry, I
didn't get his pager #) Hope this is of some help to you or others
on this list.

John M. Stevens jstevens@texas.net