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Arthur Spaepen
10-10-1995, 09:17 PM
Dear Readers,

The Laboratory of Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics at
K.U.Leuven has a research vacancy for a nine month period , funded by
the European project CAMARN. The appointee will be required to
contribute to research in the area of computer simulation and
optimisation of human movement, and in particular gait.

Over the past 5 years, the laboratory has been researching movement
analysis in patients with motor disorders. Research is currently
focussed on gait analysis of CP children and stroke patients,
concentrating in particular on in-depth study of the analysis of
muscle activity. The laboratory has extensive experience in EMG with
normals (Quantified relation with force, fatigue and mechanical
performance of muscle in healthy subjects), and limited experience
in the use of neural networks in EMG-analysis. Until recently, only
2D movement simulations with optimisation methods to calculate
optimum activation patterns of muscles have been undertaken, using
forward and inverse dynamics.

The appointee will contribute to the implementation of 3D simulation
software and the development of expertise in 3D analysis of human
movements in general, and more specifically of gait patterns.

The vacancy is open to European citizens, with an Engineering (and
Biomechanics) Degree, and who are computer literate (UNIX experience
would be an asset). It is proposed that the contract should commence
prior to the end of 1995.

If you are interested in this field of research, please send a copy
of your curriculum vitae to Prof. A.Spaepen or Ilse Jonkers.

Tel ++ 32 16 329100 or ++ 32 16 329105
Fax ++ 32 16 329196

E-mail: Arthur.Spaepen@FLOK.Kuleuven.ac.be
Department of Kinesiology at K.U.Leuven
Tervuursevest 101
B 3001 Heverlee (Belgium)