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Herman J. Woltring
04-19-1991, 01:14 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

The March 1991 issue of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology contains a
number of interesting items. In the first place, it is a `special' about
High-G Environments (guest editor: Leonid Hrebien, Drexel University) with
the following authors and titles:

E.H. Wood, Prevention of pathophysiologic effects of acceleration in humans:
fundamentals and historic perspectives

Th.W. Moore & D. Jarov, Cardiovascular model for studying circulatory impair-
ment under acceleration

J.E. Whinnery, Theoretical analysis of acceleration-induced central nervous
system ischemia

W.B. Albery & R.E. van Patten, Non-invasive sensing systems for acceleration-
induced physiologic changes

J.P. Cammarota, Integrated systems for detecting and managing acceleration-
induced loss of consciousness

R.R. Burton, L.J. Meeker & J.H. Raddin Jr, Centrifuges for studying the effect
of sustained acceleration on human physiology

Ph.E. Whitley, Integrated protective systems for operational acceleration-
induced loss of consciousness

Furthermore, a more peaceful but equally relevant feature article is:

J.H. Felder, Ethical issues in biomedical engineering: the Bjork-Shiley
heart valve

which provides an interesting story about the scientific, engineering, and
legal-socio-economic problems when equipment designed to preserve lives tends
to do the opposite.

Herman J. Woltring