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An, Kai-nan
10-11-1995, 08:37 AM
Director of Sports Biomechanics Research
Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center

The Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center is seeking an outstanding individual to
head its newly constructed 3000 square foot sports biomechanics research
laboratory. The Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center serves the central
Minnesota area including professional sports teams. The successful applicant
will work with the physicians and therapists associated with the Minneapolis
Sports Medicine Center to specify, develop, supervise, and participate in
research in the areas of: 1) Mechanism of sports-related injuries,
2)Prevention of injury, 3) Injury treatment, 4) Injury Rehabilitation, 5)
Functional outcome evaluation. The director will oversee the initiation of
operations and the hiring of research staff. Funding will be provided through
foundation support as well as private and public grants for which the director
must successfully compete at the national level.

Qualification include a Ph.D. in engineering (preferably mechanical or
biomedical with extensive course work in biomechanics) as well as demonstrated
technical, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills. The applicant must also
have biomechanics research skills proven through experience, publications in
peer reviewed journals, and conference participation. Salary commensurate
with qualifications and experience.

Interested applicants should forward curriculum vitae to:

Robert Finke, Executive Director
Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center
701 25th Avenue South, #150
Minneapolis, MN 55454