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Ken Olree
10-12-1995, 12:55 AM
To: Biomch-L Subscribers

I have been following the discussion of the recent "Free Magazine" spam
on a list for list managers (list-managers@greatcircle.com). It seems that this
spam and the "Olga" spam were forged from accounts on several unsecure
machines. Some of the list managers believe the real intent is to have these
accounts flamed. Many of the list managers are investigating this and other
spams to try to locate the true origination. One list manager has gone so
far as to contact the FBI to see if a "denial of service" crime has been
committed. While it is annoying to receive these spams, I would suggest that
the best solution is to simply delete it. By complaining to the "originator" of
the message, you may actually be reacting in the way the spammer intended.


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