View Full Version : Bone Fracture of Weightlifter

Heikki Kauhanen
10-12-1995, 05:00 PM
My humble thanks to the following experts who gave their knowledge on
the above problem:

Carolyn F. Small
John C.C. Tan
Marco Viceconti
John H. Lawrence
Joe Sparado
Brian Richmond
Shreefal Mehta
Karl H. Kraus
Peter Zioupos
Tim J. Lawes
Ed Wachtel
Eling de Bruin
Mario Lamontagne
Peter Davidson
Chris Hamilton
C. Mauli Agrawal

The feedback I gave was amazingly illustrative and rapid, which also
convinced me about this forum as a tool for solving problems. Or
better to say: the problem still exists, but now inside the frames.
However, I will not load everyone's mail box with the numerous
answers I gave, but instead I can mail the summary with pleasure, if


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