View Full Version : hybrid III dummies?

Rob Sherer
10-13-1995, 03:25 AM
Good Day all:

I am currently involved in an impact study of protective equipment and
am searching for a body form to test the equipment on. My initial
search has lead me to the use of a Hybrid III dummy commonly used in
auto accident simulations. Being that the Hybrid III is an expensive
body form I am looking for information as to the possibility of
receiving a donation of one for the research. I am not looking for
the entire dummy but rather certain segments. If anyone has had
these body forms donated for research purposes and can direct me on
how to access something like this, it would be appreciated.

If anyone has any other suggestions on less expensive alternatives
for body form segments to be used for impact testing, suggestions
would be welcome.

Thank you in advance,

Rob Scherer, B.H.K., MSc. (Biomechanics)
McGill University
Rehabilitation Science