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unknown user
10-15-1995, 10:01 AM
Dear all,

This is a message to warn you for a new type of virus (called
WinWord.Concept), one which can be spread in documents created by MsWord (tm).
_This_is_not_a_spam_, unlike the 'goodtimes'-prank of last december. The virus
is actually a set of WORD-macros which is being installed when the
received document is opened. Apparently some of the automatically activated
macros of WORD (AutoOpen) are being changed.

The virus is benign (You get a blank screen with the number '1' on it), but
could be easily altered. According to the Dr. Solomon-www page another virus
has been detected. More info can be obtained from Microsoft at :

http://www.microsoft.com/msword/mvtool.htm (information on the virus)

quote from this page :
>Customers can download the scanning tool from several on-line sites or send
>e-mail to wordinfo@microsoft.com. The scanning tool can be downloaded from
>the Microsoft World Wide Web site at http://www.microsoft.com/msoffice

This scanning tool, however, is a set of macros. Personally I would not
entrust the job of killing and preventing entry of one macro to another macro,
but for now it seems to be all we have got. The safe thing to do with
downloaded Word-files seems to be not to open them but to view them with the
Word-Viewer. This Viewer ignores macros, so they have no chance of infecting
your system. Some mail-programs automatically open documants when they are
downloaded. It seems like this should be a 'no-no'.

You can find info on an update from Dr. Solomon at :

Better safe than sorry ..


Edsko Hekman

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