View Full Version : FT/ST Fiber specific tension

Dan Kelaher
10-15-1995, 10:55 AM

I have two questions following up on the discussion a month or two ago about
the specific tension of muscle. First of all, my calculations have come out
as high as 130 N/cm2. This doesn't seem possible according to most replies
(highest noted was atound 100 N/cm2). Are the quadriceps an especially
strong (strength per CSA) muscle group that they would be near the high end
of the range or should I be very suspicous of my numbers (I have used
validated numbers for input into my model calculations)?

The other question I have is this. Does anybody know about the ratio of FT
fiber specific tension to ST fiber specific tension, applicable to the human
quads? The only related references I have found are by Archie Young in 1984
(Clinical Physiology) which did not take into account knee mechanics (showed
a ratio of FT/ST to be 1.2-2.1) and the other related reference was from a
study by Lucas et al, 1987 (Exp. Neurology) of the cat gastroc muscle fibers
which found no difference between specific tensions of either ST or FT
fibers. Any suggestions for either of these questions would be greatly
appreciated and I will summarize tehm after a week or so. Thank you in

Dan Kelaher