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Chuck Armstrong
10-16-1995, 02:14 AM
American College of Sports Medicine
Midwest Chapter
Fall Meeting

This is a reminder that the Fall meeting of the Midwest
Chapter of the ACSM will be held October 26-28 at the Pheasant
Run Resort in St. Charles Illinois. A comprehensive program with
topics of interest to educators, researchers, and clinicians who work
in fields related to sports medicine is being offered. Speakers
include David Costill - Exercise Physiology, William Morgan -
Sport Psychology, and James Hay - Biomechanics. Research and
didactic sessions of specific interest to those in biomechanics will
include such topics as: Biomechanical Assessment of Brain Injuries,
Musculo-skeletal Modeling - A Search for Model Parameters,
Learning from the Best - Expected and Unexpected Findings from
Studies of Elite Jumpers, Why People Pronate - From Lucy to
Frank Shorter, as well as a breakout session titled "How Can
Biomechanics Help Your Tennis Game. Many other sessions of
interest to those in all areas of exercise science are being provided.
For complete information on the conference program, accommodations,
and registration contact:
Michael G. Flynn, Ph.D.
Department of Health Promotion and Human Performance,
University of Toledo, Toledo OH 43606.
Phone: 419-530-2434. Fax: 419-530-4759.