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10-16-1995, 09:56 AM
Dear Biomechanists,

We have some uncomplete book's references, and I would like to know if there
is someone that ca help us. We most important thing for us is the ISBN
registration number of the following books;

Basic orthopaedic Biomechanics (eds Van C. Mow and Wilson C. Hayes) Raven
Press, NY
Development. Adaptation and Modulation of Posture Gait. Amblard, B., berthoz
A. Clarac F. (eds) Elsevier.
anatomical guide for electromyographer. Delagi, E.F.; Perotto, A.; Iazetti,
J.; Morrison, D. C.C. Thomas Publisher, springfield.
Control of posture and locomotion. Smith, K.G.; Redford, B.(eds) Plenum
Press, NY
Posture and gait: control mechanisms. M. Woollacot & F. Horak (eds)

I will be very glad if someone help me !!

Luis Mochizuki