View Full Version : Re: Help! Protocol for RSI Rehab & Prevention Study

Rob Kall
10-19-1995, 11:24 PM
RE: EMG assessment of RSI treatment:

There are two associated groups of practitioners using sEMG to evaluate and
rehab carpal tunnel syndrome, using techniques which should interest you.
Bob Clasby of the Neurology group (215-699-4840) near Philadelphia PA and Stuart
DOnaldson, of Calgary, ALberta Canada 403-225-0900 are both using 8 channel EMG
Erik Peper in Berkeley CA and Susan Middaugh in Charleston NC are also doing
similar work as is Barbara Headley in BOulder CO. THey are all scheduled
speakers at the WOrld's First Clinical Surface EMG meeting, Feb 2-5, 1996, in
Key West FL. Basmajian will also be there.
check website http://doc.web.compuserve.com:2000/homepages/smile for further
information on the meeting and on a variety of surface EMG systems. Our company
has pioneered the technology, software and applications. We have the biggest
selection of new and used instruments anywhere.

Rob Kall