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Rodger Kram
10-21-1995, 05:14 AM
The University of California, Berkeley seeks nominations for the
Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for Academic Diversity
beginning 1996-97.

The purpose of the program is to promote intellectual diversity in the
academic community by providing financial assistance, research
opportunities and mentoring to members of ethnic minority groups
underrepresented in American universities who are committed to careers in
university research and teaching.

The stipend is 2 years @ $31,000 per year,includes health care, air fare
for post-doc and family, some moving expenses and $1,000 research supply
budget. The University anticipates awarding four of these fellowships
across the university.

If you qualify as an underrepresented ethnic minority and have a research
interest in locomotion biomechanics, please contact me directly to discuss
this further. Please check out the Biomechanics Lab web site first to see
if our reseach interests overlap.



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