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Rodger Kram
10-21-1995, 05:53 AM
this is posted as a favor. please reply directly to Carl Zimmer

He is a science journalist fpr the magazine "Discover". He is doing a
feature story on The Physics and Biomechanics of the Circus. For part of
the article on trapeeze acts, I directed him to various biomechanists to
get input on the science of sumersaults etc.

This is his latest request:

"I've got some unreal pictures of contortionists, and I'd like to talk to
somebody about how the hell they can make their muscles and ligaments DO
these things!"

Discover is a monthly science news magazine that is not as technical as
Scientific American but does a decent job of informing the general public
about science. Zimmer wrote an article about the lab where I did my
post-doc on insect locomotion. He was very careful with the facts and
allowed me to OK what he wrote. I got a lot of good feedback from
non-scientist friends who read the magazine. Educating the public about
biomechanics seems worthwhile to me.


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