View Full Version : Effects of freezing on bone specimens

R A Hillam
10-25-1995, 04:13 AM
I would like to know if anyone has any information on the effects of
freezing on the mechanical properties of bone. I vaguely recall this
topic coming up on biomch-l some time ago but can't remember the details.

I am interested to find out whether single or multiple freeze/thaw cycles
affect the mechanical properties of small vertebrae for compression testing.
Do bones suffer "freezer burn" with subsequent dehydration, even if
wrapped in polythene cling film? Would it be better to freeze bones in
small wells of saline?

Talking of dehydration: If allowed to dehydrate, would the mechanical
properties of such a bone be restored to normal when rehydrated by submerging
it in physiological saline?

I'll post the replies as usual.

Richard Hillam