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Julie Springer
10-26-1995, 01:49 AM
Hello everyone,
I am a Research Engineer working in the School of Kinesiology at Simon
Fraser University. Some of our research is in the area of prosthetic
components and manufacturing methods. I am currently doing a literature
review on Existing Powered Alignment Systems. We are working on an
alignment device for an amputee with a below knee amputation. The unit
offers two adjustments: flexion/extension, and ab/adduction of the
prosthetic socket with respect to the prosthetic foot. The unit is
powered by motors, and controlled by a microprocessor. I am wondering if
anyone has information on similar research which is going on or has gone
on in the past. One paper which I have been hunting for but have been
unable to find is by Dr. G.G. Kuhn and is entitled:
"Gait studies with an electrically controlled trial leg," Orthopedic
Technique, 1970.
If anyone knows where I can get my hands on this article or other
articles on Powered alignment systems I would appreciate the information.
If anyone is interested I can post a summary of the responses I get.
Thanks in advance for your time.
Julie Springer
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