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Herman J. Woltring
04-29-1991, 01:37 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

As of yesterday, Biomch-L has passed the 300 subscribers mark. During the
last few weeks, the membership has been fluctuating with various additions
and removals, but the trend is still on the increase. Let's hope that things
will stay like this, and that this is reflected by the list's use.

Last week, I received a very interesting book for review on this list, and I
hope to do so in the near future. At this moment, I'll confine myself to the
colophon and one quotation from a standardisation point of view:

Michael Whittle, GAIT ANALYSIS - An Introduction
Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd, Halley Court, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX2 8EJ, U.K.
ISBN 0 7506 0045 4, 1991, x + 230 pp. (Paperback)
U.K.: 17.95 Pound Sterling, USA: $ 32.95

As most of you will know, Mike Whittle has been an enthousiastic poster and
reader of this list for a long time. From a "Gait Analysis in (para)medical
practice" point of view, the following quote from his Preface is worth men-

"I have used Syst`eme International (SI) units throughout this book.
I make no apology for this - everyone working in this field should
be using the measurement units of science, rather than those of the
grocery store! However, conversions are given in Appendix 2."

I appreciate Mike's concern; with his British background, units like `stone',
`slug', `fathom' and` (sea)mile' must be familiar to him in everyday parlance;
distantiating oneself from them is a discipline not easily mastered. Yet, it
is important to do so lest you really get in trouble. I recall too well my
first visit in Sweden when I was told that my destiny was only 2 miles away,
not knowing that a Swedish mile is 10 km (the Danish mile is only 7). Fortu-
nately, it was not raining or windy during that walking trip, so my gait was
rather stationary. However, it was a hot and sunny day ...

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL