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Geoffrey Klein
10-26-1995, 11:28 AM
To the multiple recipients of Biomch-l:

I am part of the Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Seminar at
Yale University. Our project is to design a Spine Tester for Dr. Panjabi
of the Yale Medical School Orthopaedics Lab. The proposal that we are
exploring involves a six degree of freedom robot called a Stewart Platform.

In order to build this we are looking for a linear actuator (either
pneumatic or electric ball screw) We are looking at controlling
the actuator force, not displacements with a compluter. We want to apply
about 25-50 lbs of thrust with a stroke length of about twelve inches.

We were wondering if anybody has a suggestion of where we could
find an actuator that would do this.

If we can not find one, we will probably have to solve this problem
by controlling displacements measuring with a force sensor.

If anyone has experience with building or designing a Stewart
Platform and can give us helpful advice we would appreciate that.

Thank you for your time. We will post a summery or replies.

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Andy Snow

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