View Full Version : Joint Angle Calculator

10-28-1995, 07:28 AM
I am an exercise specialist/researcher involved with biomechanical research
of athletes, as well as cardiac and diabetic patients.

Does anyone know of a low-cost, high-precision (within +/- .5 degree) joint
angle measurement system which would effectively replace the old, high
probability of error, plastic goniometers? Someone once mentioned a system
that digitally monitors the angle of two to three body segments and resolves
those measures into a joint angle (?). If one of these units were used, it
would supposedly be held in the hand (for example, in shoulder angle
measurement), and as the patient raises the arm, it would measure the angle
with respect to vertical/horizontal, and display it digitally.

If there is not a system available, does anyone know of anything that can be
easily modified to allow measurements to be made, and stored for later
"downloading"? This system would help keep track of progress in Range of
Motion, or monitor gait changes (if dynamic measurements can be made).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.