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Sang-hyun Cho Md.
10-29-1995, 04:03 PM
Dear Colleagues

My name is Sang-Hyun Cho who is working at Rehabilitation Hospital of Yonsei Medical Center (Seoul, S-Korea) as a fellowship doctor and I am glad to have a chance to write to you.

We are currently setting up a gait analysis laboratory equipped with VICON 370 system and preparing for its clinical operation.

So, we are looking for referral form and report forms practically used in your gait laboratories, and want to devise our own forms from them.

Could anybody of you help us by sending some neccessary informations ?


Sang-Hyun Cho

* Sang-Hyun Cho MD. MS. *
* email: ppygye@chollian.dacom.co.kr *
* FAX 82-2-363-2795 *
* Rehabilitation Hospital *
* Yonsei Medical Center *
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