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Bill Wray
10-30-1995, 07:47 AM

The Bioscience and Biotechnology Group, CST-4, at Los Alamos National
Laboratory is seeking applications for a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA)
position that we wish to fill within the next few months. Applicants
should have a background and/or interest in biomechanics with expertise in
implicit and explicit finite element analysis. Familiarity with UNIX-based
workstations (Silicon Graphics), I-DEAS and DYNA3D is desirable.

The successful candidate will work on an internally and externally funded
project involving occupant safety in automobiles. The position includes an
opportunity to conduct thesis research toward a Ph.D. in Mechanical or
Biomedical Engineering if desired. Students who have completed their
Master's degree are preferred.

Send resumes directly to me via email, fax or regular mail at he following

William O. Wray
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Bioscience and Biotechnology Group, CST-4
Mail Stop J586
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545

Voice: (505) 667-4496
Fax: (505) 665-2137
email: wray@lanl.gov

Please feel free to call for further information regarding this position.

Bill Wray