View Full Version : biomaterials and artificial knee meniscus

Shawn Hunter /bin/csh
10-31-1995, 01:07 AM
well, after lurking here for some time i decided to come out in
search of some information. i am a Senior in Engineering Mechanics at
the University of Cincinnati, and currently working in a design group for
our Senior project. the project focuses on selecting biomaterials
suitable for use in an artificial knee meniscus implant. our goal is to
design some in vitro experiments that would approximate in vivo
conditions (using saline @ 37 deg C) and test the mechanical properties
(strength, fatigue life, wear) of several materials. i was wondering if
anyone on the list had any information that would be helpful in our
project. we have found some difficulty in locating data on meniscal
implants, probably due to the infancy of the concept. any help would be
greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance,
shawn hunter