View Full Version : Return to sports following spinal fusion in adolescents

Amy Courtney
10-31-1995, 02:07 AM
Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for anecdotes/information regarding
the risks of return to sports activities
in adolescent patients
who have had spinal fusion for scoliosis.

I have a particular case in mind:

A 14 y.o. female who had spinal
fusion two months ago with Isola hardware
to repair severe scoliosis (50 deg. and 40 deg.
upper and lower curvatures if I recall correctly).
The patient had been active in sports, and is
particularly skilled and interested in soccer.

She now wants to return to playing soccer,
and her orthopedic surgeon (who is also
a soccer team physician) has recommended
a physical therapist to help her get
ready to start playing in two months' time
(a total of four months since surgery).

The patient is also interested in other
sports, such as tennis, and is wondering
what the chance is for serious injury
should she return to soccer. Now would
be a good time for her to switch her
main activity to another sport if she
decides that soccer is too hazardous.
Of course, soccer involves contact, lots
of falling down, and some head impact,
and she doesn't want to have to think
about limiting her activity if she
does return to soccer.

I have had some general success with a
literature search but would be interested
in some more references particular to the
sports aspect, anecdotes about
similar patients, or biomechanical/
physical therapy measures which might
indicate whether her back will be able
to handle the demands of soccer.


Amy Courtney

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