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unknown user
11-30-1995, 04:40 AM
Due to an illness we have an immediate need for someone to teach Kinesology
/biomechmechanics for Spring term beginning Jan 16....May. This person may
be ABD or Ph.D.;however, the ABD should be actively writting. The position
will be opened for search either this spring or next fall. The pay for
one term will be somewhere between 12-14k. If you are interested please
contact me, Dr. Robert McGowan ("Bob") at MCGOWAN@URVAX.URICH.EDU or
(804) 289 8353 WK; (804) 378 8636 HM. The best time at work to contact me
is between 11am and 2pm EST...at home my best luck times are between 7 and
10pm EST.

You may send vita and letters to Dr. Robert W. McGowan
University of Richmong
University of Richmond,
Robins Center
Robins Center
Richmond, VA 23173

FAX: (804) 289 8820, (804) 289 8791
APPLY NOW.................................(PLEASE)

Bob "out"