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Michelle B. Sabick
11-30-1995, 11:42 PM
Members of the Biomechanics Community:

I am conducting a study which necessitates using either a very large force
plate (approx. 1.2m x 2m), or an array of several small force plates to
cover the same amount of area. The system is to be used to measure impact
forces during falls.

If anyone out there has installed such a device, I would like to discuss
with you the costs, problems, and considerations of setting one up in our
laboratory. Should creating such a system in our lab prove infeasible, I
would also be interested in exploring the possibility of collaborating with
a lab which has an existing system.

Please contact me via e-mail at:


If there is sufficient interest in this topic, I will post a summary of
replies to the list. Thank you for your help.

Michelle Sabick (michelle-sabick@uiowa.edu)
Biomedical Engineering/Sports Biomechanics
University of Iowa
1228 EB
Iowa City, IA 52245