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Van Geems, B, Barbara, Ms
12-03-1995, 07:22 PM
Dear subscribers

Is there anyone who has used a VS-110PRO, made by Lipman Electronic
Engineering in Israel, or knows something about this product. The VS-
110PRO is described as a professional system for measurement of
location and motion of bodies - the most advanced of the V-Scope
models. It consists of 8 transponders, which transmit ultrasonic
signals, 3 stationary sensors that define a reference frame and a
microprocessor. The system can be operated by the users own program
and program instructions and special commands are included. The price
tag is US$5,200.

What I need to know:
Sampling rate for 5 transponders and also for all 8 transponders.
Is it user friendly.
What sort of learning curve is involved before the software is
written so that it will run satisfactorily, i.e. to be used outside
of the research sphere.
Is it reliable.

Thanks, Barbara

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