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Herman J. Woltring
04-30-1991, 04:44 AM
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 91 10:42:06 EST
Subject: NEW LIST: Senior on ListServ@IndyCMS
Sender: Research News
Comments: Resent-From: Eleanor Cicinsky
Comments: Originally-From: John B Harlan

For those interested in gerontology and the health and welfare of senior
citizens, a new list has been formed. Feel free to explore.

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Senior on ListServ@IndyCMS (BITNET/CREN) Senior health & living list
or ListServ@IndyCMS.IUPUI.Edu (Internet)

Senior is dedicated to the discussion of all issues relating to the
health and lives of senior citizens. It is intended to serve in part
as a networking tool to facilitate enhancement of senior health &
life by matching senior citizen needs with existing services.

Senior is open to all persons interested in the health and lives of
senior citizens, including health care providers, social service
providers, gerontologists, and others.

To subscribe to Senior send mail to LISTSERV@INDYCMS.BITNET or
LISTSERV@IndyCMS.IUPUI.EDU with the body of the main containing:
SUB SENIOR yourfirstname yourlastname

List owner/coordinator: John B Harlan
IJBH200@IndyVAX.IUPUI.Edu (Internet)