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Rod Barrett Nhs
12-04-1995, 09:04 PM
We have recently acquired a new biomechanics lab and are now thinking
about how we should go about installing our two 900x600 force plates.
Our lab is on the ground floor. We would like to have some inbuilt
flexibility to relocate the plates according to the requirements of
specific experiments (ie. so that thay can be located next to each
other, one platform length apart etc). Some sort of grid system will
probably work best. At this stage we are thinking about fixing the
force plates to a large rigid mounting plate prepared with multiple mounting
sites that is in turn mounted on several tons of concrete to isolate
the system from the building. However, we are concerned that a load
applied to the mounting frame may be transferred and detected by the
force plate. Similarly, we forsee that a load applied to one plate
may be detected on the other if the system is not truly rigid. Any
advice appreciated. I will happily post a summary of responses if
this is requested.
Thanks in advance
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