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Susan A. Chinworth
12-07-1995, 05:21 AM
We are graduate students at Texas Woman's University. Recently we have been
having many discussions over what is considered optimal angles between cameras
in 3-D filming. Originally, we have been told and taught that 60 deg is
optimal. Recently, movement analysis companies have been recommending 90 deg.
Also, several presentations we have heard use 90 deg for optimal.

We haven't come across any literature debating the merits of 90 vs 60 degree
placement. We have also not found any reasoning for the 90 degree placement.
Could someone enlighten us please?

Due to the physical characteristics of our lab (presently a temporary location)
our four camera placement is wall mounted and rectangular with angles of
55 deg and 125 deg. We have been trying to establish the accurracy of the
system but other problems have prevented us doing so. All comments on our setup
will be appreciated.

All information/discussions/debate are welcome. Per custom, a summary will be

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