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unknown user
12-07-1995, 12:55 PM
I am an owner and technical operator of a Motion Analysis Corp. 2-D Motion
Analysis System with multiple ccd 60hz cameras and related hardware.
Software on hand includes GaitTrak, Lifttrak, Spinetrak, Whole body ROM,
Expertvision and more. I am looking to relocate from Miami, Fla. I have 8
years experience in system operation, jobsite evaluations, and task
simulation construction. Please reply if you have an opening or know of
someone who needs a Motion Analysis Lab for the cost of the operators salary.
I can be reached at Performance Research, P.O.Box 160073, Miami, Fla. 33116,
(305) 588-7662 or by E-Mail at perfresch@aol.com.

Ken Green