View Full Version : Kinetics software for use with Kinemetrix system

Matthew Charles Morrissey
12-08-1995, 01:14 AM
In our lab we have a 3-camera Kinemetrix infra-red motion analysis
system and a Bertec force plate. We also have Provec, Kinemetrix
and MBM software allowing us to collect data from both pieces of
equipment simultaneously.

We purchased all this from MIE Medical Research Limited of Leeds,
United Kingdom.

We wish to be able to perform kinetic analysis (joint moments, etc.)
on our data.

MIE's recommended method of kinetic analysis is to write one's own
analysis routine using Mathcad, a general purpose mathematics
program. We have doubts that this is the best route to take. We have
obtained a copy of the National Institute of Health's (in
Washington, USA) MOVE3D kinetic analysis program but we are not sure
that this is the correct route to take either. NIH have told us that
there is no program to convert Kinemetrix data to MOVE3D data unless
we write it ourselves.

If you have solved the problem of kinetic analysis using Kinemetrix
and force plate data, we would be very grateful to hear from you.

Dr Matthew Morrissey
Senior Lecturer

Dr Jane Barrance
Research Assistant

Department of Health Sciences
University of East London
Romford Road
United Kingdom
E15 4LZ